DOUX Hospitality

It’s time to put the competition to bedDOUX-Bed

As a hotelier, you want to differentiate yourself. It's all about offering your guests a unique experience. To achieve this, a comfortable bed is essential. The quality of the bed often holds a central position in hotel reviews on websites like Tripadvisor and Offer your guests an unparalleled sleeping experience with your own DOUX bed concept. And we will ensure that you receive laudatory reviews!

For you and for your guests

DOUX started out as a brand focusing exclusively on hotels. A young team of professionals who know the industry. We offer four and five-star hotels unique bed concepts. In addition, we offer a part of our collection to the private market, for instance through our Hotel at Home programme. Would you like to offer your guests the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of your hotel at home? Let DOUX develop a customized retail programme for you.

Sleeping becomes an experience

With the products by DOUX, you can offer your guests quite an experience. Sleeping on a cloud; that's how a night on the DOUX Featherbed is described. We are inspired by renowned international hotels and use beautiful, natural materials. Our products are manufactured by craftsmen in Europe, and have received important quality certifications.

Your own Signature Bed

DOUX is an expert on developing signature beds. We take everything into account: the wishes of your guests, the style of your hotel and your day-to-day operations, such as housekeeping. With a Signature Bed by DOUX, you differentiate yourself. Guaranteed.